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    Welcome to the official website of C&R DEMOLITION INDUSTRIES,
    INC, the best demolition contractors in the area.


    Since our formation in 1986, C & R DEMOLITION INDUSTRIES, INC, has established an unrivaled reputation for providing a safe range.

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    Our experienced and highly qualified teams have consistently delivered successful projects across all sectors and locations within traditional heavy industries.

    Demolition of a building or structure requires careful consideration and the support of a dedicated demolition company like C & R DEMOLITION INDUSTRIES, INC.

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    Since our formation in 1986, C & R DEMOLITION INDUSTRIES, INC, has established an unrivaled reputation for providing a safe range, Reliable and quality-assured services from Buildings Demolitions, residential and commercial, emergency services, interior demolition, excavation leveling and emergency service 24/7.

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    The careful reduction of a structure, whatever the size, is an art practiced by only the most experienced of contractors. C & R DEMOLITION INDUSTRIES is one such contractor, with the experience to deliver even the most complex contracts. From small dwellings to tower blocks in logistically challenging environments we always adopt the same precise and professional approach.


    We’re able to offer the expertise, experience and safety-conscious approach required to deliver successful demolition projects on time, within programme and to the highest standards possible.

    Buildings Demolitions

    Your commercial building demolition project will require a team dedicated to safety and precision to ensure all goes smoothly. C & R DEMOLITION INDUSTRIES, INC, team consists of some of the most knowledgeable and professional demolition experts in the industry. We are ready to guide you through the demolition process, putting in all the planning and attention to detail demolition projects of this type requires. Together, we will execute difficult commercial demolition projects safely, and ideally, there’s no one better than C & R DEMOLITION INDUSTRIES, INC

    Construction site.

    Excavation Grading

    C & R DEMOLITION INDUSTRIES, INC offers land grading and excavation services tailored to your needs. We have an experienced team of certified heavy machinery operators


    Interior Demolition

    If you are looking to hire interior demolition services please contact the professionals at C & R DEMOLITION INDUSTRIES, INC to discuss your needs.


    Residential & Commercial

    It takes a lot more to bring down a house than a positive attitude and a sledgehammer. For efficient residential or commercial demolition

    Construction machinery is demolishing the house.

    Emergency Services

    Our clients can benefit from emergency demolition services. We provide these Emergency Demolition Services to those builder

    Our Responsibility

    We seek to be a good corporate citizen in all aspects of our activities and foster customer loyalty, strengthen supplier and sub-contractor relationships and develop stronger community links.


    From tender stage, through to project completion we ensure that our clients receive the best specialist advice. Employing a large team of experienced demolition professionals we consistently deliver projects to the highest safety standards.

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